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  1. RagingBlender

    Got a few questions for you

    I don't recommend any of our actual subscribers to use random things uploaded to our forums. It could be malicious in nature like trying to get access to your Ennui account.
  2. RagingBlender


    Closing this thread. Discord gets shutdown sometimes, not much we can do. The most recent link will be posted in the forum announcements or in my signature below.
  3. RagingBlender

    Apex Legends

    It's the hypervisor specifically that needs to have amd support added before you can use that module as all the current modules we have up require you to use the hypervisor for security. There is no ETA at this time, when we feel like the visor is done we will work on that next.
  4. RagingBlender


    It really depends what software you are requesting. We aren't always accepting users for every game depending what's happening with development. Remember to bump your application post every 7 days and remain somewhat active in discord.
  5. RagingBlender

    Ennui activity

    We are still doing very important security updates before we can put Rust back up. We don't want any issues on release so we are making sure everything is stable and we are continuing to improve security as a whole as we are testing. I cannot elaborate on the security changes too much but we will be supporting Rust again as soon as we feel we are ready and the current goal is to eventually support this game. Maybe we'll see some news before this month ends. We'll see how things go.
  6. RagingBlender


    Join our discord maybe you can find more people to play with. https://discord.gg/3z5hBys
  7. RagingBlender

    Problem with fps and scum cheat

    I forgot to lock this thread so I'm doing it now. Please make a ticket or speak with me in discord with more help on this issue. Discord is better cuz I can hash out what is wrong quicker with you.
  8. RagingBlender

    Problem with fps and scum cheat

    This is not a reported issue, no. You can use the refresh rate slide and see if makes a difference. If you have the specs to play the game it should be more than enough. Double check if anything is maxing out in task manager. If you are rendering too many objects on screen it can make the cheat lag but shouldn't lag the game. You should submit a support ticket or join the discord and talk to me there about this issue.
  9. RagingBlender

    Is Rust hacks working?

    The cheat is always "working". Rust's situation can be complicated and can change at any time. It's best to inquire directly with me in discord on the current status.
  10. RagingBlender

    AlbionOnline bot dont work

    When a game is outdated you should submit a support ticket instead of posting on the forums.
  11. RagingBlender

    About Black Squad hack

    It's available for for $40/month or $120 lifetime. You can pay with paypal or crypto currencies. Submit an application here. It should work, you may have to update to the latest windows updates if you have trouble with the loader. It's internal so it works in any resolution/window settings.
  12. RagingBlender

    AlbionOnline script

    They are probably being placed, they just don't render on screen. Look at the script UI at the top left, you should see numbers fill in for the clusters.
  13. RagingBlender

    DBD hack

    There have been 0 detentions with this module. While I cannot disclose exactly what we are doing with our security everything is developed in house. We do not use other cheat groups security methods.
  14. RagingBlender

    the purchase of software

    The Albion software you can just buy from the store. Of course it works.
  15. RagingBlender

    Albion Online 7

    https://ennui.ninja/customer/ https://ennui.ninja/sdn/ https://ennui.ninja/faq/Loader/