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As you may have noticed, our website has been unavailable for the past 24 hours or so. This is because we paid OVH, and due to a bug in their system, they decided we had not paid. Due to this, they disabled our servers.

We contacted them yesterday, and they claimed to have fixed it, along with giving us a free month of our server. This is where things go even worse. They gave us a 1-5 hour estimate (most likely on the lower end.) After 17 hours of waiting I started messing around with my account settings.. I put in a new automatic payment method. They charged this new payment method (despite me having already paid, and having contacted them to resolve this once.) and instantly put the server back online.

This was completely out of our control. I had no access to the most recent backups (or some of the backups at all, because they started WITHHOLDING MY STUFF DUE TO NON-PAYMENT THAT DID NOT EXIST!) We apologize. Thank you.

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