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Fraud & Wall of Shame

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As we all know, fraud is a big issue when it comes to online shopping. For this reason we'll be taking several steps to solve it before we expand any further. These changes will be rolled out in the following days/weeks silently, along with policy updates.







We'll be implementing minFraud for all of our purchases. This service attempts to stop fraud before it happens, and allows us to report fraud (such as chargebacks) to get people completely blocked from their service (and every other website using the service as a result.) 



Wall of Shame


We'll be posting the names and information of people (non SPI) who commit fraud on their profile as their signature, and in this thread automatically. We will not be using the data provided by MaxMind for this, but rather the information you submit to us yourself when applying to use our cheats.





In order to continue growing, steps must be taken to secure ourselves financially. You should only be concerned if you're a scumbag who failed to read our terms of service. We sell a license to software, not a tangible product that we can take back. Charging back is never OK unless the product wasn't working when you received it (in which case we would have refunded you to begin with.)



I hope everyone understands, and has a great weekend. I'll update this thread once development is done.

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