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  1. RagingBlender

    Albion Bot Outdated?

    It's now back up.
  2. RagingBlender

    Discord voice chat?

    Not many people really use the voice channels though I'm sure someone will come say what's up if you hangout a bit. You'd probably have a better time asking there!
  3. RagingBlender

    Hi guys, it's me

    Try a smaller size picture. Either memory size or resolution.
  4. RagingBlender

    Hello - New Here

    It's dictated by the amount of posts. I don't think we've bothered to configure this feature. Newbie: 0 Member: 10 Advance Member: 30
  5. RagingBlender


    We only supported it for like two weeks but then they added EAC. We weren't prepared to tackle ACs at the time. Obviously we are now.
  6. RagingBlender


    We are considering putting it back up because it's not much work to do so. Maybe in a few days or something.
  7. RagingBlender

    new motherboard fix hwid ban?

    The simple answer, maybe. I cannot go into much detail about what information any anti-cheat collects. However I can safely say that they have the capabilities if they so choose to use them, to see other information about your PC. This may range from things that can be wiped from reformatting your drive or even other computer hardware. Almost every component in your PC has the potential to be flagged. Back to your question, will it fix it? Probably depending what game it is. Is this standard of replacing only one component and spoofing nothing else going to last? Probably not.
  8. RagingBlender

    Albion Online Fishing Script Showcase

  9. RagingBlender

    Albion Online Bot

    We don't have any reported bans for over a year and are constantly developing new security to face much harder challenges. (Refer to the modules we support at this moment.) There is a section on the forums for sharing scripts but you must have paid for the bot beforehand. Not many people are participating in script development. It may be partly due to lack of a system to sell their scripts without being dumped. Feel free to contribute to the community if you wish.
  10. RagingBlender

    Unturned Showcase

    Below is media to our Unturned software which i snow public! You can purchase in the store here: https://ennui.ninja/forum/index.php?/store/category/11-unturned/
  11. RagingBlender

    Working hwid spoofer

    Only thing to note is if you do use R0P you will probably have to tell your provider you are changing your info if they HWID lock. Can't speak for what this all changes but probably not everything the anti-cheats have the ability to gather. I suggest anyone else reading this thread use at your own risk. Also I did not download nor use the things above so if you get a virus from a random, good luck.
  12. RagingBlender

    Rust hack

    If you want the Rust software please submit an application: https://ennui.ninja/forum/index.php?/forum/109-applications/ The software is still in testing which means bans are at a higher risk and you may experience bugs. You shouldn't buy it now unless you are okay with being a tester.
  13. RagingBlender


    The spoofer doesn't permanently change anything. Currently R0P spoofs your disk serials. (It will go back to normal after restarting your PC. Running R0P again will change disk serials to something else.) Our loader has other security options to remove/randomize other information about your pc. Depends what game you are trying to use R0P as it's still in testing and other spoofing is not utilized. Currently if you follow all the guides we have available R0P is enough to fix probably most games.
  14. RagingBlender

    Realm Royale ESP Footage

  15. RagingBlender

    congrats tubz

    Moving to spam. Also to clarify he's only a discord mod in the public discord. Continue.