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  1. PUBG Memes

    Different memes
  2. Question

    Yes it does. Please keep questions to staff in support tickets if you have further questions.
  3. Email Server Restored

    Emails have been restored. Support ticket replies, invoices, and forum replies will now appear in your email inbox. Your messages may appear in the spam folder.
  4. PUBG Memes

  5. Discord

    Discord has been purging cheat providers from it's service. There's little reason to bother to have an official chat server that could get deleted along with our accounts for running it.
  6. If you hadn't noticed we now support Unturned. This product requires you to fill out an application. The application itself has been revamped to require less sensitive information. If you'd like to fill out an application go here or maybe you'd like to see the feature list for Unturned.
  7. discord ?

    We are no longer using the discord. We have our own chat server at https://ennui.ninja/chat/channel/General (You need to register again)
  8. Updates - 10/30/2017

    This update was massive, please report any bugs in support tickets. INCREASED SECURITY The security is about to be a lot better! This protection applies to all of our modules. If I could write a topic on this aspect of the update, it would be a book. NEW & IMPROVED API Obscure errors and behavior within the loader are a thing of the past! I've put countless hours into re-writing the structure of our API, and adding robust handling for any and all errors. This will help improve the stability of botting sessions, logging in, downloads, etc. If you see any error codes on the UI, there's a technical description associated with those codes, and they allow us to pinpoint issues more easily. NEW MENU With this update, we're also getting a new menu, which provides a range of useful options. LOGOUT We now have a logout button! This takes you back to the terms of service, and allows you to easily re-initialize the loader. CLIENT SIDED SUPPORT TICKETS Users can now submit support tickets using the loader. TERMS OF SERVICE The terms of service is now displayed whenever the loader is first started. 2FA LOGIN REQUIREMENT Fixed a bug where the login screen wouldn't show an error if every group required 2fa.
  9. Albion inject = Crash client.

    These errors belong in a ticket. Not here. For now you can try the manual fix below copy the contents of C:\Users\userprofile\ennui\mcache\ao paste to C:\Users\userprofile\ennui\ao
  10. albion force close

    You need to make a support ticket with more details. https://ennui.ninja/forum/index.php?/support/
  11. cant run the .exe

    https://ennui.ninja/forum/index.php?/topic/2167-how-to-debug/ Follow this thread and submit the info in a ticket. It is mostly likely on your end though. You can try... delete loader Delete ennui folder (in you user folder) Uninstall java restart computer reinstall java and ennui. Restart computer Try to open everything like normal. If still having problems you need to make a ticket. Support isn't in the lounge.
  12. Albion Online - Incoming Ban Wave?

    The zoomhack wouldn't be in the cheat is it wasn't deemed "safe" however there's always a chance but who knows what cheat group is actually on the cross hairs as there's multiple ways to do things. Everything is just speculation until it happens.
  13. Clear all waypoints?

    No. If you are attempting to change clusters try renaming the .json in the Ennui/ao folder(in your user folder) to a different name so you can save the setup for later and run the script and you'll have a blank slate. Also this isn't the correct place to put this question. Needs to be in a ticket or at least on the script release thread. Also generalized questions like this are usually answered by other users in discord.
  14. what port use the ennui?

    If you need help with something make a support ticket. I'm closing this thread.
  15. Ripped off?

    Closing thread this needs to be in a support ticket. Though this is already fixed. For reference of what happened, we had to boot everyone from being on the bot because of a new update on the bot that needed to be forced. For like 10-20 minutes it said you had to buy it again.