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  1. Albion online outdated?

    You need to submit a support ticket when there are problems with the software https://ennui.ninja/forum/index.php?/support/ Unfortunately we haven't had time to update it. Hopefully later today we can get it back up.
  2. Rust email?

    Hello. We are currently offering RUST to people willing to test. Please submit a new application by filling out the form in this section: https://ennui.ninja/forum/index.php?/forum/109-applications/
  3. Black Squad Hacking #2: Juggernaut is op as fuck - 59/14

    Not if you have permission.
  4. What happend to Unterned cheats

    You are not verified. Please submit a application and wait for approval. https://ennui.ninja/forum/index.php?/forum/109-applications/
  5. Demmonic Appreciation Thread

    Because what other dev would shove 35+ hours of development time into 3 days to fix something that isn't even a problem yet?
  6. Black Squad Rage Hacking

  7. Im Looking for cheating communities similar to Legit Providers.

    That original group were more or less scammers too. If you want to know the story of things you can read it here https://hax.al/index.php?/forums/topic/11-legitmemes-and-the-story-of-haxal/
  8. Help me please

    Inquiries/support belongs in support tickets. https://ennui.ninja/forum/index.php?/support/
  9. Updated Darwin Project External Video

    Since this video has been released the external framework has gone under more changes. Performance should be 100x better, almost indistinguishable from a internal.
  10. Giant Music Thread

    New Apathy album "The Widow's Son"
  11. Albion Online 3/8/2018

    The SDN is back up. We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused. On the 12th the Lancelot update goes live. We plan on adding a fishing script to the SDN day 1 of the update. We are not looking to release any other scripts for awhile. If you are a scriptwriter and need something added to the API please make a ticket.
  12. Im Looking for cheating communities similar to Legit Providers.

    You probably aren't going to find a community with the information you seek. Anyone who excels in this field isn't forthcoming about stuff the consumer end doesn't need to know. You have to also keep in mind that majority of providers depending what game you are talking about barely have the knowledge to keep their cheat up in the first place. Too often we see communities bantering about stuff they don't really know about or being fed information that is biased to make a provider look better. Everything you hear should be considered speculation, take with a grain of salt. As far as more communities like Legit Providers we do not know of one. There's common places like hackforums or what have you but as far as specific sellers gathering, nada. Usually communities are cheat specific, not multiple providers. Don't use LP Feel free to join our community discord. We plan on adding lots of games this year so keep an eye out for announcements. https://discord.gg/Nc6x3sU
  13. PUBG Memes

    Different memes
  14. Email Server Restored

    Emails have been restored. Support ticket replies, invoices, and forum replies will now appear in your email inbox. Your messages may appear in the spam folder.
  15. PUBG Memes