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  1. Maintenance

    Hello, Our staff members were busy celebrating the holidays, and maintenance took longer than expected. The severs are back to their original state now. Please report any problems in tickets. Thank you.
  2. Maintenance

    Hello, We will be performing maintenance to our build server. EST. is 2-3 hours. Thank you.
  3. More 'Downtime'

    Hello, Our SSL certificate expired yesterday as some of you may have noticed. This has been resolved now, and all operations should be back to normal. Please report any problems you find in support tickets. Thank you.
  4. Downtime

    Hello, As you may have noticed, our website has been unavailable for the past 24 hours or so. This is because we paid OVH, and due to a bug in their system, they decided we had not paid. Due to this, they disabled our servers. We contacted them yesterday, and they claimed to have fixed it, along with giving us a free month of our server. This is where things go even worse. They gave us a 1-5 hour estimate (most likely on the lower end.) After 17 hours of waiting I started messing around with my account settings.. I put in a new automatic payment method. They charged this new payment method (despite me having already paid, and having contacted them to resolve this once.) and instantly put the server back online. This was completely out of our control. I had no access to the most recent backups (or some of the backups at all, because they started WITHHOLDING MY STUFF DUE TO NON-PAYMENT THAT DID NOT EXIST!) We apologize. Thank you.
  5. Email Verification

    Email verification has been re-enabled due to spammers accessing our forums. Please report any problems to a staff member. Thank you.
  6. We're counting to a million

    Wow that's cancer. 100002
  7. Mass unban

    Today we've decided to reverse most bans applied on our forums. If you were banned due to any of the following, you've probably been unbanned: General hostility, negativity Account sharing Scamming Chargebacks [1] Undefined reasons [1] Anybody with a chargeback of any sort has a notice on their account. They will not be allowed to pay in reversable currencies, and must pay off any negative balance before using our sofware again. Thank you.
  8. PUBG

    Little update. The PUBG situation has not improved at all. They're still pushing the most god awful 'anti-cheat' updates I've seen in my life. I have no intentions of supporting PUBG until the code base is stable.
  9. Hey Guys, I'm back

    Heat seeking projectiles were better. Rust might come back soon tm
  10. PUBG

    As you may have noticed, your favorite providers may have been struggling a little bit recently with the game patches targeted towards stopping cheaters. We are an exception, in the sense that the encryption isn't hard to deal with for myself. Where it becomes a problem is when they're rolling out next patches every other day/week that changes this encryption. Along with this, I've been developing a range of tools to make sure we have a bright future (Some of which are open sourced!) Putting time into fixing PUBG every other day is detrimental to the time I should be putting towards these tools that help us overall. My end goal is supporting a large range of games by myself, which means having custom tools that are better suited than what is publicly available. For these two reasons, PUBG is temporarily on hold. It might be a day, it might be a week. The internal might be up far sooner than the external (which is mostly complete.) If you didn't use our software at all, you can request a refund in the billing area, otherwise, compensation will be given once the software is working properly again. We have no plans to go anywhere any time soon, and we hope you understand. Thank you.
  11. Discord Update

    Added another voice channel for the plebs
  12. Back Boys!

    We have a discord for Verified++ (invited), and we're opening a new public discord today. Hopefully you'll join us
  13. Updates - 11/8/2017

    Hotpatched an issue causing processes to not be found. [1] General improvements in stability, and error handling. General improvements in security. [1] Noticeable when attempting to inject into 2 processes at once
  14. PUBG Exploit : 1st or 2nd place everytime

    Disable collision on mesh Fall through ground cus bad server sided verification Win at life