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  4. No black Friday deals?

    Albion itself is dying because it's not that great of a game. Reducing the price wouldn't have brought more sales as it's already pretty cheap from what it use to be. The bot itself may end up free to use at some point with scripts costing a fee. These changes won't happen until Albion is at least free to play.
  5. No black Friday deals?

    Loyal level 100
  6. No black Friday deals?

    Because this community was good, their cheats aren't overpriced and they still have their cheats and are possibly going to start selling them again. Also demmonic knows his shit
  7. No black Friday deals?

    Why are you even here all the time? There is nothing here for you.
  8. No black Friday deals?

    Would be nice to see a sale of some sort, or something. I might pickup the Albion bot if it was cheaper, don't play the game enough at the moment to bother spending $10 though.

    that is very true I remember it was days before people responded.

    Yeah, but the chat server and discord were both dead, apart from Albion subs basically

    Thats unfortunate.

    Chat server is gone, that's why you are getting 404, there's no discord either, only this forum

    Well i'm back again from being bed ridden lol... Wheres the chat server the link I had is no longer working i'm basically getting a 404.
  14. favourite artist?
  15. Please add this to pubg

    wtf did I just watch lol
  16. Any plans for rust?

    Demonic has it all coded, but AFAIK he's not selling it yet Best thing you can do is make an application and wait
  17. T

    Any plans for rust?

    Any plans for a rust thing?
  18. Please add this to pubg

    Ahhahahahha that's the best shit I've seen
  19. rip chat server

  20. rip chat server

  21. rip chat server

    Lol, that 1 view was like 2 hours ago, Feelsbadman 99% sure it wasn't me
  22. rip chat server

    very good choice there probably accepting you now
  23. rip chat server

    Understandable, I'm quitting as well due to my application getting 1 view, it might've been me though.
  24. rip chat server

    sorry boss for the short notice but I'm quiting my job due to my new access to ennui rust/pubg cheat and will have no time for work regards, chazz
  25. rip chat server

    Appreciated, promoted again Regards, boss
  26. rip chat server

    thanks sir, will give the family your regards
  27. rip chat server

    Thanks, you're promoted Kind regards, boss
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