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  4. Whats up

    Definitely some memorable times man, cant wait to see what else Ennui brings. They're always working it seems
  5. Whats up

    Cant wait to be honest lol.
  6. Whats up

  7. Whats up

    Rust will come back probably after every other project is done ;P
  8. Whats up

    Hi, welcome back. join the discord for any news\info updates. https://discord.gg/BTMDd5E
  9. Hey Guys, I'm back

    well I guess i might of came back to rust in time.
  10. Whats up

    Hey, just getting back into gaming, looking to turn on some cheating. No more rust i see, any plans on bringing that back?
  11. PUBG

    Little update. The PUBG situation has not improved at all. They're still pushing the most god awful 'anti-cheat' updates I've seen in my life. I have no intentions of supporting PUBG until the code base is stable.
  12. dankest memes

  13. Hey Guys, I'm back

    Ohhhhhh shit
  14. Hey Guys, I'm back

    Heat seeking projectiles were better. Rust might come back soon tm
  15. dankest memes

  16. Anyone Else See Satan In Their Order History?

    Yeah I know, thought it was funny though after being inactive for awhile
  17. Anyone Else See Satan In Their Order History?

    It's the old rust cheat
  18. It's official, I'm going to hell.
  19. Hey Guys, I'm back

    Good to see you man!
  20. Earlier
  21. Meanwhile..

    Been playing CS:GO almost every day, I think I'm addicted...
  22. Meanwhile..

    i play nothing other than pubg so im sitting here getting pro legitimately lol
  23. H

    Pubg cheats...

    You need to apply for the PUBG Cheat. https://ennui.ninja/forum/index.php?/forum/64-applications/
  24. 3

    Pubg cheats...

    hello everyone ! I was see this site on " legitproviders.com" I need pubg cheat Can I buy this cheat ?
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  26. Meanwhile..

    I torrented it too. Did you get the codex release? When I get home I’ll PM you the torrent I used if you still haven’t gotten it to work .. although try running as admin and running in different compability modes . also make sure you get the hotfix they released
  27. Meanwhile..

    Also just torrent this, my version is broke and it crashs as soon as I turn in to my dad that I am ready to start forging. Maybe I need to run it as admin ...
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