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    Another similar design but with a different style:
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  4. weed.
  5. Old Download page removed Customer Panel added to profiles Download page appears on the Customer Panel now
  6. Water.... and redbull when tierd
  7. pwn newbs
  8. Same! Would be so nice to look around your base when inside
  9. Trust gaming mouse (cheapy afther some got destoryed) And a old logitech keyboard
  10. Rust

  11. Isn't that all the males want?
  12. Yesterday
  13. I want maps to be about 30x larger but also add a mode of transportation that must be caught/crafted and consume resources to run.
  14. T

    I want beard.
  15. hell yeah man! nice ideas
  16. I'd like the ability to upgrade weapons to do more damage or to shoot faster. I know they have attachments but a complex gun upgrading system sounds cool. Maybe not very realistic
  17. Cameras.. functional cameras would be great
  18. I'm using the cyberpowerpc mouse and keyboard.. they came with my pc and they're garbage
  19. G503, and some random mech keyboard with clears
  20. T

    Logitech G400S, the best mouse available, and some random keyboard with media control, can't wish for anything else.
  21. Corsair K70 and Logitech G502
  22. A very reasonable request,one hundred scores
  23. hahahaha.If you can, I want to customize myself as a
  24. Customizable penises
  25. Honestly I want to see where you can change your gender, pick what you look like,,, Just character customization basically! Put what yall want to see Rust have in the future!!!!
  26. Rust

    Every time I see rust review I cry
  27. Mountain Dew obv
  28. Chinese herbal tea.very healthy
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