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  4. The Cringe kid is back

    Been a while since I droped by here had some issues, anyhow it's nice to see so many new (Mods) Lord Savior Demonic has been doing so much work! I will hopefully be active in forum once again and post some free stuff as I did before like FreeNetflix/spotify/Orgine, I don't know who is still active from the time left but I hope you guys are doing well. Cheers ^^
  5. What's your favorite song?

    Weezer and Floyd are my favourite bands. So probably Wish You Were Here and Unspoken.
  6. Albion online outdated?

    You need to submit a support ticket when there are problems with the software Unfortunately we haven't had time to update it. Hopefully later today we can get it back up.
  7. Albion online outdated?

    yea i also bought it but cant access to it.
  8. Albion online outdated?

    İs there an eta ?
  9. Updated Darwin Project External Video

    Good video! gonna buy it soon!
  10. Help

    What game is it?
  11. Help

    What game are you talking about?
  12. J


    Hi. My problem is that every time I buy a game account an hour or a bit more gameban receipt without doing anything. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  13. Ennui Ninja Logo

    Really like that version the most, the font is really clean and the logo aswell.
  14. Earlier
  15. Ennui Ninja Logo

    i like it, looks good
  16. Fortnite Ban

    It really depends on wether or not it is a HWID ban, you can check by changing your ip address (or by using a VPN) and trying to use a new account on the same machine you were banned on, if you get kicked shortly after leaving the bus then you are HWID banned and you can do one of the following : you can use ennui's spoofer Use DBAN and wipe all the drives you had in when you got banned, there's more details to do this if you choose this, dm me if you need help with this, then you have to reinstall windows after wiping, this takes approximately anywhere from 10-30 hours Use a new hard drive or / and SSD, you must remove your old drives for this to work
  17. Fortnite Ban

    Make a new account?
  18. H

    Fortnite Ban

    After you get ban on Fortnite for hacking; is there anyway to play again?
  19. Ring of Elysium hack maybe?

    I hope so. Sometimes the ping is acceptable and sometimes it's HORRIBLE.
  20. Updated Darwin Project External Video

    Click here Maybe you need to apply for it first here.
  21. M

    Updated Darwin Project External Video

    how can i download this hack ?
  22. Ring of Elysium hack maybe?

    The devs said they are planning on adding more servers, at the time i'm typing this ROE has 67.267 current players
  23. Updated Darwin Project External Video

    Look really good, you did a amazing job, i can't lie tho the quality is a little bad.
  24. Rust email?

    Hello. We are currently offering RUST to people willing to test. Please submit a new application by filling out the form in this section:
  25. Rust email?

    I received a email notify me that the rust cheat was available, can someone help me out about what to do? It would be greatly appreciated
  26. D

    Updated Darwin Project External Video

    can you check my conclusion ?
  27. I

    Ring of Elysium hack maybe?

    I tried it twice and actually loved it
  28. K

    Ring of Elysium hack maybe?

    apparently it is not, i watch MrGrimmmz play it on his twitch almost daily since the past week and he has said on stream a couple times that he does not experience much lag even tho its the asian servers which he is playing on.
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