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  2. Expedition bot

    Looking for a bot for expeditions, as well as a auto loot macro
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  4. favourite artist?

    Pink Floyd
  5. favourite artist?

  6. D

    favourite artist?

  7. Rust EAC Ban within 30mins

    I've been EAC banned before but they never HWID banned me usually i just turned on my vpn and i was good to go i use
  8. Rust EAC Ban within 30mins

    Honestly man, any public VPNs wont really work anymore. Thats coming from Dem who has mentioned that many of times. So if you are using a 4.99 a month VPN. Thats probably your issue. he has also mentioned that the MAC address changer deal isnt doing much either with the way their security is now.
  9. Rust EAC Ban within 30mins

  10. Rust EAC Ban within 30mins

    are you using different emails for the accounts?
  11. Rust EAC Ban within 30mins

    I used the reset option for windows, i removed all my files. FRESH WIPE
  12. Rust EAC Ban within 30mins

    did you completely wipe your hdd?
  13. Rust EAC Ban within 30mins

    For the past 4 days every time i log into rust into a server i get banned within 30mins of being in the server. even when i have no cheats loaded. Is there anything i can do to bypass this? It would be very helpful if someone could help me with this. I have tried loading into a server without cheats and i still get banned. I have reinstalled windows 3x Used VPN the whole time changed volume id changed mac address. changed hwid several times via regedit follow this guide : oof
  14. favourite artist?

    My current favourite is lil barnacle
  15. dankest memes


    its patched lmao
  17. How do SBI tell if you bot?

    its your call if you think he could get you banned
  18. Hour Boosting For Any Game Steam

    You can do this for free ya know

    This is literally public on uc
  20. How do SBI tell if you bot?

    how do i know its a bluff? he prolly did saw me.. he even mentioned the map where I was
  21. How do SBI tell if you bot?

    probably a bluff tell him to suck your balls
  22. How do SBI tell if you bot?

    Ok so I woke up to a strange inbox and a friend request. Someone is extorting me in game. He said he got my character on video and would report unless i give him 5mil silver. Anyway to counter this?
  23. Smokers, come here.

    I'm pretty sure there was a study that THC can kill cancer cells?
  24. Smokers, come here.

    i was revering to this
  25. Latest Update - State stuck on Configuring....

    Make a support ticket here: and wait patiently
  26. Latest Update - State stuck on Configuring....

    I have restarted the PC, I have download the latest version. Now when setup AIO simple gatherer it sticks on State: Configuring... I have tried different steps, but nothing is working.....any ideas? UPDATE - Got it figured out, having autologin was holding it up, please note for future updates. Thanks!
  27. Smokers, come here.

    Can you show your source of where it says weed leads to cancer, thanks.
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