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This is Ennui

Ennui consists of highly skilled individuals from around the world. Our team includes reverse engineers, veteran cheat makers, and seasoned developers. We specialize in reverse engineering systems from scratch, evading automated detection systems, and cutting edge evasion technology.
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Updated at 2018-09-17 05:58:40

Ennui is a team of hack developers for various FPS and MMO games. We deploy cutting edge technology to remain undetected, and provide our users the best experience possible.


Below you will find a table of contents, as well as some categories to your left. If you do not find what you need, please make a support ticket.

Table of Contents


Resources and help regarding billing, or anything to do with money!


Resources that explain how to set it up our loader, run modules, and more.


Resources explaining what S-Visor is, how to set it up, use it, etc.


Resources explaining what R0P is, how to set it up, use it, etc.

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Learn about the information we collect on you. We keep information so that we may maintain a fair and clean cheating environment.